We tell people that HFS now stands for Honest Friendly Service. While HFS Tractor Sales and Service has undoubtedly always embodied these qualities, it got its start as a home furnishing store when Harold Widdis built it in Baroda 70 years ago.

In 1966, the business "took it outside”, undergoing a transformation to HFS Tractor with the addition of farm tractors and equipment. A remodel in 1971 completed this transformation with a new focus on farm equipment and secondarily on lawn and garden equipment.

1972 saw a partnership formed between Harold Widdis, his son Bob and Bob's brother-in-law Larry Klug. This partnership was a successful one and in 1986, a second store was opened in Niles headed up by Larry.

Today, Larry is back in Baroda taking care of a major aspect of HFS Tractor - service. Bob and his wife Caroline work side by side at the Baroda store which has again had a shift in focus - this time primarily lawn and garden equipment and secondarily farm equipment.

A dedicated family network is the glue of HFS, Bob and Caroline's son Rick is a Manager and go-between Niles & Baroda. Larry and Caroline are brother and sister.

Their extended family includes the HFS team as well. In Baroda: Kevin Layman – Parts Manager & Inside Sales, Matt Johnson & Vic Gual - Technicians, Tony Cochran & Hank Schmaltz in set-up. In Niles: Dan Cloutier – Manager, Mark Hinsey & Dave Blankenship - Technicians.

The growth and continued success of HFS would not be possible without these team members who provide the hometown service and courtesy that HFS is known for.